Rusting in the Paddock – graphite drawing, hand ground watercolour pigment, mono printing.

I photographed this piece of farm machinery in the hills around Mullumbimby when I was living there several years ago. I’m not sure what it is but I was drawn to its battered colours and its implied rural industrial purpose. It was after I moved to the tablelands before I looked at the photograph again when it seemed obvious it needed to be drawn. I made the watercolour paints using ground ochres mixed with gum Arabic and mono printed the wild grass around it.

W 45 x H 65 (Click MORE to see the full width of the artwork)


Quilt Fragment: Vine Leaf and Tin Pattern – mulberry paper, collograph, joomchi (Korean paper felting), stitch, graphite drawing, collage

The idea for this piece took root during an artists’ residency at Curtin Springs Station in the NT where the wall of the ancient inland sea was quite a distinct feature of the landscape. It sits proud of the surrounding plain for several kilometers. When you stand and gaze along it you are standing on the seabed of a millennia ago.

W 70cm x H 65cm (Click MORE to see the full width of the artwork)


Homestead Dig: Tenterfield Station – inside detail- 3 books set inside a concertina. Mono printing, drypoint, drawing, watercolour..

This work looks at the original Tenterfield Station Homestead near where I live, peering down the tunnel books past overgrown garden, collapsing veranda and into the ruined hallway. I am looking at ruins of early colonists through a lens such as archeologists might. This piece made the finalists selection at Libris Book Awards in Artspace Mackay in 2022 and has been acquired by the NSW State Library.

(Click MORE to see the full width of the artwork)


Wordless - Etching, collage, drawing, carousel book form.  Image.

Based on the novel by Catherine JInkx “Shepard” this carousel book is about a lad transported to NSW for poaching. In England he knew his landscape well, knew the names for things in it and how to survive in his environment and live off it. In Australia in 1840 the settlers and convicts had no names for the landscape and the wildlife and no understanding of the country. The main character says “I see nothing I can properly name” and thinks he will die “wordless and alone in a strange land”.


28cm x variable when open (Click MORE to see detailed pages)