Mrs Mundy’s Holden – using drawing, watercolour and ochres.

This is the companion piece to the Last Resting Place for a Dodge. It is also in a garden and has become part of the rose bed. I imagined it as the last parking effort of an older driver who simply gave up and walked away. There really is a Mrs Mundy.

W 40cm x H 50cm  (Click MORE to see the full width of the artwork)


Tin and Thistle Parasol – handmade paper, etching drawing, collograph, found object Variable

This is the third of my parasols, whose production depends on finding suitable umbrella frames to work on. Joomchi treated paper can be stitched like fabric and the canopy has been hand stitched onto the frame. The decorations of collographs based on tin shed patterns and drawings of seeding thistles on tea bag paper reflect elements of my local landscape.

 (Click MORE to see the full width of the artwork)


Dark Folk Tales – tab pull book, medieval binding, etching, tannin dyeing, drawing.

This is a bad bed time book. Fairy tales and folk tales often have a basis in older and darker stories where not everything ends well and the protagonists don’t always understand the true ripple effect of their actions. The saying “be careful what you wish for” starts with this. The book has 5 archetypical stories that all seem to start well but when the side action tab is pulled a nastier image is revealed.

H 35cm x W 30 cm when closed (Click MORE to see the full width of the artwork)


Wordless - Etching, collage, drawing, carousel book form.  Image.

Based on the novel by Catherine JInkx “Shepard” this carousel book is about a lad transported to NSW for poaching. In England he knew his landscape well, knew the names for things in it and how to survive in his environment and live off it. In Australia in 1840 the settlers and convicts had no names for the landscape and the wildlife and no understanding of the country. The main character says “I see nothing I can properly name” and thinks he will die “wordless and alone in a strange land”.


28cm x variable when open (Click MORE to see detailed pages)