About Studio 13 Paper

As an artist living in Tenterfield I am very much influenced by the landscape of the New England. The impact of history, the geology, geography and ecosystems of the Tablelands provides a wealth of material for me. My exhibition work is diverse but always has a basis of research at its core.

I am a print maker though not in the conventional sense. I work with etching, mono printing and relief printing alone and in combination, and often use mixed media with my prints. Drawing, watercolours, collage, stitch and construction can all add to the image and idea I’m working on.

I also use my local environment as a source of media, turning local plants into paper which I sell as sheets but also incorporate into books and prints.

Printmakers and paper makers often become book binders. I work with artist books, and push into 3D construction and audience interaction as elements need to be opened, unfolded and revealed. I combine my plant fibre papers with mixed media and push the idea of container as far as it will go in sculptural box constructions that relate to book binding and print making.

The range of mixed media I work with feeds from my ‘palette’, spread across the walls of my studio in collections of objects and a variety media and tools. I rarely throw experiments away, eventually everything gets used.

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